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By - Allen

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Date Stamps

Of all the different types, date stamps can have direct legal consequences. They may be great to use but you should be prepared to use them responsibly as well. However, if you are reading this, then we are sure that you have already thought of that and even if you did not, you know about it now. But you should still be wondering how you can get your hands on the best quality date stamps and these questions will help you get there.

What is your usage scenario?

This is the most fundamental question that you need to ask yourself, as everything else is derived from the information you give here. Every person wants to get date stamps for a different reason and each of them has a different usage style. This can impact your buying preference as well. If you are using it in a situation where it will be constantly used, you will need to buy something to endure such use. If you are using it as a collectible or for special use cases, then you can focus on other aspects as well.

What style of a stamp will you prefer?

As far as date stamps are concerned, there are two basic styles: self-inking stamps and stamps that need separate ink pads. The first option is great for places that will be seeing constant stamp uses. The stamp constantly refreshes itself on every use and continues to do so until the ink dries up in the fitted pad. The second one does not have any included pad and you simply use a separate pad before applying the stamp. This slower process is more suitable for people who do not intend to use the stamps too often.

What size of documents do you intend to use it on?

People often forget about this point, but it is a very crucial part of the decision-making process. When buying any date stamps, you need to think about the document size that you are stamping. If you are using it on a full-sized document, then you will need a large stamp that is visible to the reader. Similarly, if the stamp is for a small document like a receipt, you will need to use smaller stamps. Using one that is too small or too big can make it look awkward, so make sure you pay close attention to this point.

What color do you want for your stamp?

While most cases use blue as the standard color for the date stamp, you might want to think about your usage scenario before choosing the color of the ink. If you are expecting to use it for normal date addition to different documents, then you can simply use blue. However, if you have different color codes in use, you can also change the ink color to green, black, or even red. Typically, red is a color for showing high importance, rejection, warning, or urgency. You can use red if you want to express any of those things using your date stamps.

Custom or standard stamps?

Last but certainly not least, you can also decide if you want your stamp to be just functional or also make a statement. While you can easily find date stamps that only have the date set into them, you can get custom stamps made and contain other stuff like company logos, custom designs, and even different fonts.

If you need a stamp, be sure to get the right one by using the guidelines shared against these questions. We would love to hear your ideas about uniquely designed date stamps and how you can use them every day for different tasks.

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