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By - Allen

Ways To Wear A Tunic

A tunic is a long garment that is typically simple in style that reaches from the shoulders to a length between the hip and the knees. While it is a fun and simple outfit to wear many people get stumped with how to style it best and what events it is good for. If that statement resonates with you then fear not as we have some of the best ways to wear one of the most versatile garments.


During warm weather

One of the best ways to wear a tunic is on a casual summer’s day. They are ideal for a hot day at the beach, cruising through a busy city or even going shopping. If you’re going to the beach consider having your favourite pair of bathers underneath with a beach-themed tunic over the top. Pair it with some thongs, sunglasses and a nice beach bag with your necessities and you’re good to go.

If you’re exploring a new city, doing a lot of walking or going for a hike be sure to throw on a lighter variant to help you breathe more. Pair it with some shorts and supportive shoes to make sure you’re feeling as comfortable as possible.

Instead, if you’re going out for a dinner during the evening you can also throw on a fancy or formal tunic on top of some cropped pants. Throw on some sandals and a few pieces of jewellery and a clutch and you’ve got yourself a great evening outfit.


During a casual catch up or outing

A loose and drapey tunic is a great outfit piece for a casual catch up or outing. If you’re grabbing a coffee with a friend, having brunch at a café or a beer at the pub you can easily dress your outfit down or up with accessories and your choice of footwear.

Look for a mid-thigh length garment so that you can pair it with jeans, jeggings, leggings or slacks. Combine it with some boots and flats on your feet depending on what your plans are. You can also add appropriate accessories to match the look you are going for.


Going to work

A great thing about these pieces of attire is while they are casual and comfortable they can also be dressed up for a professional manner such as a workplace. Combining them with the right shoes, accessories and bottoms allows you to transform your outfit to something that is appropriate and stunning in the professional space.

You should avoid low necklines and wearing the garment as a dress. Make sure you have appropriate bottoms such as trousers, cropped pants or a pencil skirt. Throw on some heels and pair it all with the appropriate accessories and you are good to go.


Choosing a garment that is right for your height

A common mistake people make when trying to wear these outfits is that they grab a pattern they like and don’t take into consideration the ideal height for the piece. Women with tall and petite frames tend to struggle when looking for appropriate tops and bottoms. The main reason is that it is hard to balance out the top and bottom of their bodies.

If you are tall you should be looking for something that will go down to the middle of your thigh.

If you are petite on the other hand you should be considering the style you are going to be wearing it as first. If you are looking for a top, find one that has a short hemline. Longer variants can be used as dresses but should also have a longer hemline to compensate.

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